About Me

Mrs TeePotHi, I’m Livi, the woman behind Mrs TeePot. I’m a Brit abroad, currently located in France and I love social media, coffee, self discovery and Tarot. I have two little dogs and a beautiful pusscat who keep me entertained!

Tarot, for me, is a tool to dive deep into your soul and find out what’s going on down there, along with being a way to receive messages from the Universe that can help guide you. Combining these two uses provides a powerful way to assess our present, our future and our past, help to make difficult decisions and give us a different perspective on a situation.

I view Tarot as a good friend, a friend that gives wise advice and always know just what to say, even if it’s not what you think you want to hear. I regularly find myself seeing a situation in a totally new light after reading my Tarot (yes, I read my own Tarot, I don’t think it’s bad luck!) and have been inspired to try new things and place my focus on different areas after readings.

I found myself drawn to Tarot as a young teen but only in my med twenties began learning it more formally. Having read for myself for several years I started reading for friends and caught the deck collecting bug in 2015!