Love Wins?

Choose LovePeople tell me that love wins,
And I want to believe them.
I want them to be right with all my heart.
But I don’t see it.
I see hate.
I see violence.
I see ignorance.
Love wins?

I see people crying for change,
Begging for people to fight for change.
And then I see others,
Love wins?

I don’t know what else to say… I wanted to write a long, powerful poem. One that made a point, that made you think, that made you want to change things. And then as I wrote I realised something; I don’t believe people will change anymore.

People all over this world are filled with hate, and not just those who commit the violent atrocities. People, ‘normal’ people are filled with hate. YOU may well be filled with hate. Are you? When you look into your soul, do you see love, acceptance, respect for others? Or do you watch those news reports and lay blame at the feet of a religion that preaches peace? Do you see a gay couple kiss and judge them as hell bound or unnatural? Do you complain about X/Y or Z place being “full of foreigners?”

Are YOU part of the problem?

I know people, so many people, who think it’s OK to hate because they haven’t killed someone, or wouldn’t physically hurt someone.

They are part of the problem.

If you think only those who fit your prescribed idea of ‘normal’ deserve your love and respect. YOU are part of the problem.

I was part of the problem; I judged from a place of ignorance. But I have grown, I have changed, I have challenged my ignorance and I challenge it again every day. When I catch myself judging, I tell myself I have no right, I don’t know, and I send apologies and acceptance and strength to that person, quietly, because I have no right.

So here I am, breaking my own rules and standing in judgement. But if no one stands up for love, if no one preaches love, if no one says “NO! Your hate is not acceptable here” then can love ever win?

Are you part of the problem?

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