The New Year is here and so My Sunday Photo this week is of my 2016 portable inspiration board, my diary planner that I’m using to track my self-care and journey to joy, and the Crazy Sexy Love Notes card I pulled on New Year’s Day.

This year I jumped on the Leonie Dawson bandwagon and I’m so glad I did. Working through her workbook and joining her Facebook group have really inspired me to work at changing my life. I am full of plans and of determination to make them happen now. I still need one more big goal for 2016 but I’m not stressing about it, the two I’ve already set are pretty big and I know I don’t have to fill in the third one if I can’t think of anything. I’ve been inspired to Embrace Happy each day too by sharing on my Instagram three good things each day, plus I’m keeping a joy jar which I’m adding one thing to each day.

Anyway, onto the photo:New Year Plans 2016

I’ve added some letter stickers to my diary planner to remind me, every day, of my word for the year: JOY!

I added some little extra bits to my portable inspiration board last night. I imagine I’ll add bits to it over the course of the year, maybe change some things too, that’s why I opted to use washi tape for most of the sticking down, rather than glue. I wanted to option to remove things with ease if I wanted to replace them with something else.

And my Love Note card, well, it was just so bang on the money I had to share!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it brings you oodles of joy, love and excitement!

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6 Responses to My Sunday Photo: New Year 2016

  1. Happy New Year – very nice to meet you through #mySundayphoto, wishing you oodles of joy, which we already have here in Melbourne, I’ll have to introduce you to our crazypoodle, a cavoodle !
    Wren x

  2. Photalife says:

    Love these ideas, I hope 2016 is awesome for you

    Happy New Year

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Happy new year, sounds like you’ve started 2016 with the perfect attitude, stealing some of your positivity now 🙂

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds such a positive start to the new year!
    Wishing you all the best for 2016 x

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    It’s great that you’re starting the year so positively! Good luck for 2016

  6. Happy new year lovely girl; you’ve made a fine start 🙂 x

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