The Prompt: Happiness

Happiness Charlie Brown

Family and friends,

Ones nearby, ones far away.

Ones now angels, watching from clouds.

Or stars who come out in our darkest hours.

This is my happiness.

I recently discovered “The Prompt”, and as I just adore writing I thought I’d give this one a go. I do find it tough to write on happiness, hence my super duper short piece. I tried to write more but nothing felt like it fitted the prompt so I stuck with the above. That’s all you get. Hopefully more next time!



On The Cat Walk

Music blares from out front, drowning out the sound of heeled shoes and panicked models running around to find outfits. Casey fights her way in to her dress, an expensive creation that she can’t stand. A glug of champagne and she’s ready to face their judgement. Her size, her walk, hair, make up, all under […] Continue reading →

La Herradura

At the weekend we headed to La Herradura to see what it was like. It seemed like a lovely little place, and despite the bracing wind we wandered the beach and had a nose in a few shops. We also had a little picnic in the car watching the sea. Anyway, in order to give […] Continue reading →